Personal Coaching

Premiere Coaching Ireland

Coaching is an effective way of getting clarity in your life. These sessions will provide you with the opportunity, and the space, to look at yourself with new eyes. We will identify what’s going well and where you’re eager for improvements. You will gain new insights, new ways of thinking, which will act as a foundation for positive change. You will move from your current situation to your desired situation, so that you’re living the life you want to live. As a Coach, I’m non-judgmental and eager to be of service. I’m also approachable and easy to work with.

Service Products

  • “Listening ear” – for when you want to talk something through and see where it takes you
  • “Need a plan” — for when you want structure, a strategy, problem-solving
  • “What else” – for when you want to explore for idea-generation
  • “And… action” – for when you want accountability, motivation, decision-making, progress
  • “Mind massage” – for when you want clarity of thought, to feel reassured

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Let’s arrange a tailored session to identify improvements, for reassurance, for clarity of mind.