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Parent Coaching, Teenage Coaching, Personal Development Coaching & Career Coaching

Welcome! If you are looking for a moving-forward, problem-solving approach then you’ve come to the right place. The combination of my Psychology and Coaching training provides for a very unique service. I have a real gift for helping people formulate where they’re at and articulate where they’d like to be. If you’re feeling ‘stuck’ then this is the service for you.

Trevor Higgins

Professional Coaching in Dublin

A Master’s Degree in Psychology from B.U. and a Post-Graduate Qualification in Coaching from the I.M.I., along with decades of experience, including pre-schools, special schools, youth work, family work, counselling, special needs work and mental health work, along with 1500+ hours spent delivering Occupational and Personal Development Coaching services, makes for a very unique experience.


Coaching Services for Parents, Teenagers & Professionals
Parent Coaching

I provide one-to-one Parent Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). During these sessions, we’ll explore what’s going well and see where things could be improved.

Teenage Coaching

I provide one-to-one Teenage Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). Together, we’ll figure out what you want and how to get there. Parental consent required, if under 18.

Personal Coaching

I provide one-to-one Personal Development Coaching sessions (face-to-face, over the phone & via Zoom). Coaching is an effective way of getting clarity in your life.

Career Coaching

I provide one-to-one Career Coaching sessions (in person, over the phone & via Zoom). These sessions aren’t generic or cookie-cutter, but instead tailored to the client’s unique situation.


The internet failed me. The textbooks failed me. The public health nurse failed me. But Clouds Away, Trevor saved me! He coached me through ongoing and escalating issues with my young sons behaviour. Trevor helped refine all the basic techniques to tailor them to my specific situations, we worked together to tweak a process until it worked! What once had me at crisis point – completely disappeared! He really got it and understood, his support to me for a few weeks was immeasurable.

I was initially very sceptical of the benefits of coaching – I wrongly imagined it as a pep talk with lots of feel-good clichés and platitudes. Instead, it was a tremendously constructive process that helped me finish a project I had been putting off for a decade, while also helping me realize why I had been procrastinating for so long. I’m thankful for Trevor’s help and recommend him wholeheartedly!

The biggest thing I got from my sessions with Trevor was clarity. Something I realise now was previously lacking. Clarity on what my strengths were, what I enjoyed, what I wanted, and what was possible. He helped me break down some of the practical and also imagined blocks to getting my career set up the way I wanted it. I really enjoyed his sessions, and it worked! Now, a year later, I’m very much where I want to be.